What does “Live Abundantly Green” mean?

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It simply means that you and your business can embrace and promote more sustainable and eco-friendly practices without diminishing the quality of your life or hurting your finances.

This includes, but certainly not limited to:

  • Smarter ways to manage your home or business without going cold in the winter or hot in the summer, or living in the dark.
  • Embracing transportation choices without reducing your mobility.
  • Feeding your family affordably with better, safer nutrition and more delicious meal choices.
  • Making healthier choices that improve the quality of the lives of the people and communities you care about.
  • Inclusive opportunities to solve the monumental challenges facing every person on the planet – from the very rich to the poorest – in climate, sustainability, species extinction, disease, health, housing, nutrition, and more.
  • The opportunities to re-invent our economy at the local and global level that creates new and robust economic successes for every social class.

Living it green is not about sacrifices. It’s about better choices.


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