Keeping Northwest Arkansas swimming safe!

One of the real treats of living in Northwest Arkansas is our areas fantastic water recreation opportunities. 

Here are a few ideas to help you enjoy our oceans, beaches, lakes and rivers, and help keep them clean for the next generation of users:

·       Looking out for your beach body. Stay healthy by choosing a beach that tests lower for bacteria like E. coli.

·       Observing more wildlife. Proper disposal of chemicals and litter helps keep your beaches cleaner and animals healthier (plastic waste alone kills 1 million sea birds and 100,000 sea mammals on U.S. coasts each year).

·       Scoping out nicer beaches. Wouldn’t you rather enjoy a beach that is clean and healthy?

·       NRDC and Surfrider – these organizations test beaches for water quality each year – find a clean one near you.

·       Ocean Conservancy and Surfrider – volunteer a couple hours of your time to a beach cleanup; they’ll provide all the gear you need.

And to help make all your favorite beaches cleaner, no matter where you are:

·       Remember to put garbage in a bin where it won’t escape and end up downstream in rivers and oceans, since some animals may mistake it for food.

·       Use eco-fertilizer and eco-pesticides on your garden and sweep rather than hose down your driveway to avoid sending runoff into storm drains and out to the ocean.

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