Green Pet Products

Pets are such a source of joy; science has proven that having an animal companion provides many physical and psychological benefits. But America’s more than 160 million owned dogs and cats surely impact the environment. This week the Sierra Club is sharing tips about how to reduce your pets environmental pawprints. 

The U.S. pet-product industry rakes in $43 billion per year, only $1 billion of which goes to ecofriendly items. Do your part to pump that number up by opting for organic pet food (it may sound ritzy but it really does help the earth) and equipment and toys made by eco-minded manufacturers like Scutte, Molly Mutt, and World’s Best Cat Litter; a Google search reveals many more.

But buying greener doesn’t mean you have to buy more quite the opposite. The best way to reduce waste is to buy less, so ask yourself whether your pet really needs the item you’re considering buying.


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