Sustainable Packaging Expo Recap

Did you attend the 4th Annual Walmart Sustainable Packaging Expo? (See link to article on Over 2,200 supplier representatives, buyers and exhibitors attended the Expo, making connections to drive more sustainable packaging.

The quality of the packaging discussions at this year’s Expo were outstanding. Packaging suppliers came prepared to discuss innovation that was ready for commercialization and innovation that needs some additional support to move into the market.

A great example was shown in the Natureworks booth, highlighting the PLA resin being used in the new Sun Chips bag. Right now, the bag is made from ~33% PLA… but Frito Lay has committed to launching a 100% PLA bag by Earth Day 2010. One of the key benefits of a 100% PLA bag is that the material is plant based and annually renewable. Check out the Natureworks website for additional details. The FAQ section is very helpful to better understand the resin. There was a story about the Sun Chips packaging change in USA Today last week as well. You can read the article through this link.

It is critical that the packaging suppliers, product suppliers, and retail buyers work closely together to implement the more sustainable packaging that was displayed at the Expo. View article


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