KTM’s All-Electric Racing Motorcycle Slated for 2010

According to its latest financial report, motorcycle manufacturer KTM will mass-produce an all-electric off-road racing/competition motorcycle in 2010 (see photo). The bike, powered by a lithium-ion battery, will have a range of 40 minutes under race conditions, and will combine 29.5 pound-feet of torque with an exceptionally light (198 lb.) package.

For comparison, most showroom 250cc motocross race bikes achieve about 17 to 18 lbs of torque at around 8600 rpm. A Yamaha YZ450 weighs in at 238 lbs. with a full tank of fuel.

What does it mean? Anyone who has driven an electric vehicle knows how the electric motor out-pulls traditional gasoline-powered counterparts. We think KTM’s new electric could prove to be highly competitive in the world of motocross, where tight turns and rapid deceleration and acceleration around the course could reward the rider on this electric.

Not only will it be able to compete with its gas-powered counterparts, the fact that it runs silently and with zero emissions makes it even more desirable.


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